SFNS 2021 Virtual Dementia Symposium
Saturday, October 9, 2021

In an ongoing effort to improve care for patients with dementing illnesses, SFNS once again is providing the latest and most in-depth information on diagnosis, treatment and management of dementia, as well as related topics in cognitive neuroscience, to better understand the mysteries of normal and pathological higher brain function. Please join your colleagues for this world-class educational event.

Educational objectives:
1) Utilize new and upcoming treatments and diagnostic testing in Alzheimer's disease.
2) Distinguish the subtle effects of cerebellar lesions, frontal lobe dysfunction, and vascular disease on cognition in order to better treat affected patients.
3) Diagnose with greater accuracy dementia in patients with chronic psychiatric illness.

Preliminary agenda can be found here:


On behalf of William McMullen, PhD, SFNS President; Steven J. Holtz, MD, SFNS Director of CME; and Eric Collins, MD, Dementia Symposium Chair:
Due to the COVID-19 resurgence prompting an abundance of caution, great consideration for the safety of our attendees, and respecting the limited institutional in-person availability of many of our distinguished speakers, we have decided to hold the 2021 Dementia Symposium as a virtual event. While we were excited to meet in-person and return to some semblance of normalcy, we are not quite there yet.